Every year a group of enthusiastic Hipac riders go away together for a weekend. This weekend comprises of rides, a lot of horse cuddling and fun.

Generally we start the weekend on Friday, when we drive to the stable where we will stay for the weekend. If possible we already start riding on Friday. Otherwise we just get comfy and have a nice evening with games, drinks and snacks. Saturday we go out riding. Sometimes it’s two short rides and lunch at the stable, and other times it’s a day trip with lunch on our way. In the evening we either go out and do an activity or we stay in with games, drinks and snacks. On Sunday we try to have another short ride or some sort of activity with the horses. We have had a horseball clinic for example.

During this weekend we get to know each other better. Normally you ride for yourselves and don’t interact that much with each other, as you are focussed on the riding. But on the weekend you get to do a relaxed ride, so you can talk to each other a lot! Also with the evening activities you generally see some new sides to people!