When part of a club you can’t go riding around naked can you? That is why we have our own association polos, softshell jackets and cardigans! The polos, softshell jackets and cardigans are ideal to wear during the riding lessons and activities. Next to these items, we also have Hipac sweatpants, socks and water bottles! Would you also like to have your own Hipac merchandise? Contact the board for the possibilities.


Hipac regularly participates in SO’s. These are competitions with other student riding associations in the Netherlands. For these competitions we need competition jackets. These can be borrowed from the association. When competing you need to bring your own white pants and other necessities!

What to wear to your trial lesson?

When you have decided to do a trial lesson with us, you may not have all the necessary clothing yet. So for your trial lesson we advise you to wear a comfortable pair of pants, like sports pants, yoga pants. It is a must that the pants are long. If you have any shoes that cover your ankles and have a heel that would be excellent. The heel is most important though, it keeps you from sliding through your stirrup. A cap (hard hat) you can borrow at the stable.

We would like to thank our sponsor DressMe in Wageningen for continuously providing us with awesome new clothing for our members!