The student riding associations throughout the Netherlands organize weekends of competition to join. They are called SO’s (Steden Ontmoetingen). You form a team with your association and join in different fields of riding like dressage and jumping on different levels.

These weekends are more than just competition. They generally come with nice parties, sleepovers and of course competition between associations.

The last SO Hipac organized was in 2021. In November 2022 there will also be a Hipac SO, so be sure to join! In 2014 we had a lustrum year. But SO’s can be throughout the country!

Next to the SOs, the student riding associations also organize a yearly VNSK (Vereniging Nederlandse Studentenruiters Kampioenschap). Students who have gained enough points during at least two SO’s in a academic year and therewith are the best three riders of a rubric in dressage or jumping, may start during the VNSK. In 2022, Hipac organized the VNSK in September!