When you want to become a member of Hipac, you can choose from four different memberships:

  • Full year active membership
  • Half year active membership
  • Full year supporter membership
  • Half year supporter membership

A full year membership is a full academic year valid, so from September 1st till August 31st. We know that students tend to go away on minors, internships and theses during the year. Therefore we have also a half year membership. This half year membership is valid from September 1st till January 31st or from February 1st till August 31st.

When choosing for an active membership, you get a discount on the riding lessons and the activities. For this membership you need to have sports rights.

We also have a supporter membership. This membership is a reduced form. Here you get a discount on the activities, but not on the riding lessons. For this membership you don’t have to own sports rights.

When do you become an active member and when a supporter? Well, of course it is your own choice. Our experience is that students and PhD’s from the university and students from Aeres with sports rights choose for the active membership.

Members with a supporter membership are generally people who have their own riding opportunities, WUR and Aeres students who do not have sports rights and ex-students who like to join a group in rides.

For the costs see the schedule below.



Sports rights

To be able to participate in any sports activity organized via the university sports centre you, the student, need sports rights. These rights can be purchased at the desk in Sports Centre de Bongerd (SCB). Some students are here for multiple years, some for one or a half year, and some students are here only for a few months. For all these situations the SCB has appropriate solutions. You can purchase sports rights for a full, half or a quarter year or per month. For the costs see the schedule below.


If you are interested in Hipac you can send a mail to or fill in the form under ‘contact’. We will arrange a try-out lesson (for a small fee) to experience the stable and the lessons. If you like this and you wish to become a member, we will walk you through the subscription. We ask you about your experience level. This is purely to ensure your own safety and to maximize your pleasure in riding. Then we will also know whether you can start in the group lessons. We will also ask for emergency contacts. We do this because, like every sport, you can get injured. This way we can always contact somebody.

Financial structure

The prices below apply to the academic year 2022-2023.

Sports rights (SCB)

Full yearFrom 1 September 2022 till 31 August 2023
Half yearFrom 1 January 2023 till 31 August 2023
Quarter yearFrom 1 May 2023 till 31 August 2023
Per month

Hipac membership

Discount on riding lessons
Discount on activities
Full year 
(From 1 September 2022 till 31 August 2023)

Half year
(From 1 September 2022 till 31 January 2023 or from 1 February 2023 till 31 August 2023)
Discount on activities

Full year 
(From 1 September 2022 till 31 August 2023)

Half year
(From 1 September 2022 till 31 January 2023 or from 1 February 2023 till 31 August 2023)

Group lesson 
60 minutes
Active members
Private lesson*
30 minutes
Active members
Try-out lesson*
Not-yet members
Only once!
Group lesson

Private lesson

* Private lessons are currently not possible.
Unfortunately there are no beginner lessons possible as our stable does not offer them.
As of July 1st 2022, Stal Eikelboom has implemented a weight limit for people riding in the lessons. The limit is 85 kilograms and/or a BMI of 27.5.

Riding lessons

For full prices of the stable see