On this page you can find the horses of ‘Stal Eikelboom’, these are the horses being used in the lessons.


Disco is a 9-years-old flaxen chestnut sabino gelding at Stal Eikelboom. He is born and raised at the stable, his mother is Disney. Disney still lives at the stable as well but is not being used in the lessons. Disco is not really big, he is more like a tall pony but not as tall as a horse. Disco loves jumping and he is really good at dressage exercises. He is a very gentle horse but loves to play around with his friends in the meadow or paddock.


Otje is a 23-years-old bay mare. Before she entered the riding lessons she used to do jumping competitions with Anne. Otje gets really excited when she’s supposed to jump and does an amazing job at it! She doesn’t hesitate and knows exactly what she’s doing. Other than jumping Otje’s favourite gait is canter. She knows exactly when they are going to canter during the lesson and can’t wait to get to it. Otje listens well and is a great horse for everyone to ride. You would never guess from her spirit she is already 23!


Lulu is a 26-year-old bay mare. Everything she knows has been taught at the stable. When she came to the stable she was still green. Lulu can be a little grumpy when being brushed or grabbed from the paddock or meadow, especially when she has her blanket on. Despite her age she still loves to ride in the lessons and she’s quite forward. She is very good at dressage and used to be good at jumping as well, unfortunately she’s getting a bit old for jumping. Her best friend is Kendy, another horse at the riding stable.

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